Top 5 Free Classified Ads Sites

 Free classifieds websites are a great way to advertise your products and services. They are not only free but they also offer a huge pool of potential customers. All you need to do is pay attention to the details and make sure that your advertising is attractive enough.

The idea behind free classified ads is that you can advertise your product or service no matter how small or large it might be for free. Anyone can use them, as long as they are willing to spend the time needed to create a good ad campaign.

There are many classified ad sites that you can post your ads for free. These sites make it easier for people to find the perfect item in the classifieds by categorizing their listings and providing a search engine that searches all of the categories and subcategories. This makes it very easy for users to find what they’re looking for with just a few clicks.

1. Click4Post

Click4Post is a website for posting free classified ads in India. Other features include job search, buying and selling items, and posting a wanted ad. This site is an excellent substitute for Craigslist because it provides all of the same services without the time constraints. You could immediately post an ad and find someone to assist you with your project.

Click4Post has a simple sign-up process that requires users to provide contact information and create a password. It also does not charge any fees for posting or viewing classified ads anywhere in the world. This also means that there are no monthly membership fees to use their services – anyone, at any time, can post an ad for free.!

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is a classifieds website that was set up in 1996. They offer advertising opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

The post classified ads for free category is one of the most popular ones on Craigslist. Craigslist is a site that has been very successful in its time, so it is no surprise that people still use it to promote their products or services, or post jobs to find employees.

Craigslist offers many different options for people who want to advertise their product or service: they can post an ad which is text only, they can add a photo with the text ad, or they can create a video commercial with the text and have it play when someone finds their advertisement.

3. Locanto

Locanto has been providing a free classified ad service for many years. This is in response to the growing concerns of people about their privacy, their security and safety online. Locanto know that their users want to maintain complete control of who can view and contact them.

You will also find that Locanto ads are free from spam and scams. You will not get any unwanted messages or solicitations from others lurking on the site waiting for you to make your contact information public.

4. Oodle

Oodle is a classified ads site that has been around for over a decade. The site’s goal is to be the most trusted and most relevant local marketplace on the internet. It is free to post listings on, making it an attractive option for those looking to save money on listing fees. The site also offers an app so that users can search remotely or quickly upload photos from their phone while they are out and about.

Oodle has been around since 2006, making it one of the oldest free classifieds sites in existence today.

5. Hoobly

Hoobly is a classified ad posting website that offers a free service to any user who wants to list their products for sale.

The main advantage of Hoobly is the fact that it has no listing fees or commission rates, so businesses can offer their products at a lower price. This also means it might be useful for those who are just starting out and want to offer low-priced products without paying the high commissions from other platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Hoobly does not require sellers to provide any personal information, but in order for listings to be approved they must contain some photos or other images that show what’s on offer.

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