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  • December 4, 2023 5:01 pm


Akbarali Enterprises is a significant Bolts Manufacturer in India. We produce and provide these bolt fasteners in a range of sizes, shapes, types, grades, and specifications to our highly satisfied customers. We focus on satisfying our clients’ demands above all else, and we make every effort to attend to their needs.

Our valued customers can get these Bolts from us for a very affordable price when compared to other market sectors. We are an established Indian supplier of bolts. Taking the lead Bolts Supplier in India, We deliver various types of Bolts such as Carriage Bolt, Eye Bolt, Flange Bolt, Countersunk Bolts, Shoulder Bolt and others of various grades and sizes. 

After production, these carriage bolts are subjected to a battery of stringent tests in order to guarantee their quality. We conducted objective testing at the customer’s request to demonstrate the bolts’ dependability in a variety of scenarios.We represent the best Nut Manufacturers in India.

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