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  • November 28, 2023 11:40 am


Petromet Flange Inc is one of the largest Pipe Fitting Barrel Nipple Manufacturer in India. A barrel nipple is a small length of pipe having a male thread (typically tapered) on both ends and an unthreaded centre. Its purpose is to join pipes or other fittings of similar dimensions. The basic kind is also known as a barrel nipple or a pipe nipple.

Petromet Flange INC is reputed and well-known across the globe for its Pipe Fitting Barrel Nipple Manufacturer. We treat our clients by supplying them with best products and services. We also have a stock of different materials such as Copper Steel Pipe Fitting, Monel Pipe Fittings, Inconel Pipe Fitting, Hastalloy Pipe Fittings, Titanium Pipe Fitting & more. 

We are also a well-known Pipe Fitting Nipple Manufacturer in India. A trained staff at Petromet Flange Inc oversees the quality of Pipe Fitting Barrel Nipple and other products during all stages of production and distribution, including the choice of raw materials, processing, labelling, packaging, storage, and shipment.

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Product: Pipe Fitting Barrel Nipple Manufacturer in India

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