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  • September 14, 2023 5:05 pm


Vardhaman Inc. is a leading Fastener Manufacturer, In India, we are a supplier and stockist of high-quality fasteners. We specialize in the production and distribution of high-quality fasteners. A High Tensile Hex Bolt is a type of fastener that is used in conjunction with a nut to link two or more pieces together.

In industries, three types of steel fasteners are often used: stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel. The following grades of stainless steel fasteners are often used: 200 series, 300 series, and 400 series. Titanium, aluminum, and different alloys are also frequent materials of construction for metal fasteners.

We offer a wide range of Allen Cap Bolts in various grades and dimensions including Allen Cap Bolt, U Bolt, & Eye Bolt, etc. Bolts are widely used in the home, but they are also utilized in various industrial sectors such as petrochemical, oil and gas industries, water and sewage systems, and so on.

We make high-quality fasteners and other items. We are the best Hex Bolts Manufacturer in India, Bolts manufacturer in India, screw manufacturer in India, and washer manufacturer in India.

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