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The decision to choose CIMA or ACCA likely comes down to your long-term career ambitions. Each qualification gives you the option to specialize in different areas of accounting.
But they are professional exams, so there’s no difference between the difficulty or the time they take to complete.

It is generally associated with a more business-focused career that will help prepare for future leadership and strategic roles.

CIMA involves passing 14 exams, although you could be exempt from some depending on your degree. It covers management accounting, business strategy and financial strategy.

In contrast, ACCA’s course traditionally emphasised auditing and compliance. Like CIMA, there are 13 exams and exemptions available depending on your degree. It’s generally thought that ACCA gives you a better grounding in accounting principles than CIMA but at the cost of management accounting principles.

ACCA affiliates are demanded in every sector by the Big Four accounting firms (which include, KPMG, PwC, E&Y, and Deloitte) and multinationals like Citicorp, Nestle, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Siemens, Accenture and others.

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