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  • February 22, 2024 6:18 pm


Tds return Software free
The Best TDS & TCS Return Filing Software
Simplify the process of TDS filing
Best Tds return filing Software in india
EasyTDS is a top-class TDS software that offers a user-friendly interface, it has been designed to make the process of e-filing TDS and TCS returns & certificate generation simple, accurate and fast. This software is integrated with TRACES, Protean and Income Tax India, ensuring that users can file their TDS returns error-free.
This software offers a wide range of features, including eTDS and eTCS quarterly returns – 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, 24G, TDS and TCS certificates, eTDS correction returns, interest calculation, online data tools, multiple analysis reports, Bulk PAN verification and much more.
Additionally, the software provides the option to import data from Excel, Consoor.txt files for the creation of client master and generating correction returns.
With these features, EasyOFFICE – EasyTDS is the most Preferred & Powerful TDS return filing software for professionals in the Tax industry.
All these desirable features and ease of use make EasyOFFICE Software the leading choice of tax professionals.
EasyTDS is a module for TDS Management in EasyOFFICE Software. EasyTDS is a comprehensive software solution for managing TDS and TCS returns.
With its easy-to-use interface and advanced automation tools, this software makes it simple for Chartered Accountants, Tax professionals and Corporates to manage their TDS and TCS returns filing easily & efficiently.
• Generate TDS & TCS Returns
• Correction Returns
• Download & Generate TDS Certificates
• Default Prediction Analysis
• Import / Export facility
• Challan E-payment
• Online Data link with Traces, Protean & ITD portal
• Bulk PAN Verification
Tds Software for ca
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