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  • December 12, 2023 11:10 am


Pelorus is a forensic imaging tool and email forensics solution that will revolutionize digital investigation. Discover hidden truths and protect critical evidence seamlessly. Pelorus provides investigators with advanced imaging capabilities to examine digital landscapes meticulously. Pelorus stands at the forefront of investigative technology, from file extraction to email forensics. Learn how to navigate through data with precision and reveal the story hidden within. You can rely on Pelorus to help you decode the complexities of digital forensics, providing clarity in your pursuit of truth. Take your investigative prowess to the next level with Pelorus, where every pixel tells a story and every email reveals what has been hidden.

Our Forensics Services:-

* Data Recovery

* Digital Evidence Collection

* Forensic Imaging

* Password Recovery

* Malware Analysis

* Network Forensics

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