GOLD HUNTER SMART is the latest device to detect gold

  • September 15, 2023 1:12 am


Order Now ! Gold Hunter Smart German device, the first device of its kind, which operates with five specialized systems for detecting underground treasures, precious metals, ancient artifacts, diamonds, caves, and voids in the ground.
WhatsApp: 00971561688466
Depth: 50 meters
Search Area: 3000 meters
Languages: 6 languages, including Arabic
Systems: 5 systems
Price: $3000
We have Shipping and delivery to all countries. The Gold Hunter Smart device is the best device searching for gold, buried treasures, precious metals, and diamonds underground.
The new GOLD HUNTER SMART device uses imaging sensing technology and 2D imaging technology to search for precious and non-precious metals such as buried ancient gold, raw gold, gold veins, meteorites, silver, zircon, bronze, coltan, cobalt, mercury, diamonds, caves, and voids.
The GOLD HUNTER SMART device is one of the best German industries and is CE certified according to European specifications, in addition to ISO 9001 international certification according to global standards and measures.
For orders, inquiries, payment methods, shipping details, and delivery, contact:
Mobile: 00971543677699
Direct Call: 0097143208988
WhatsApp: 00971561688466
WhatsApp/Botim: 00971561688466
Viber: 00971561688466
We have a specialized team of engineers to assist our customers in using the device.
United Arab Emirates – Dubai – Deira – Salah Al Din Street – Technic Building for Companies – 3rd Floor – Company No. 301
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