How to score high marks in management accounting

  • November 8, 2023 3:39 pm


At the knowledge level, the toughest paper is Management Accounting, to crack this paper with high marks is a challenge in itself but we can do so just by keeping some pointers in our mind. many tips to get high marks in management accountancy. Like as time strategy, theory questions, and practical questions Read the question carefully, never leave out any topic, or scientific calculator, maintain calm in the exam, make a separate copy, note down all the points that you think are important and you will forget that, Practical, Do unsolved questions rather than illustration, Take a day in a week to do revision, Revise that questions which are different and which are in doubt and hard to solve, Give proper heading.

So these are some important pointers that you should remember while preparing and giving an ACCA management accounting paper to score high in the exam. Fintram Revision Bootcamp also helps you in many ways. You can go through the YOUTUBE channel also for any type of query. There are many videos related to ACCA.

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