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  • December 30, 2023 9:59 am


Koshikaa is the best PET Scan Center in Bangalore dedicated to comprehensive cancer screenings. With our technology and expert radiologists, we make sure you’re detected and monitored early on. You’ll feel comfortable and compassionate during your scan. Koshikaa understands how important it is to get a diagnosis as early as possible, and we’re committed to quality care. PET scans help us make informed decisions about your treatment, so you’ll have a better chance of surviving. Bangalore’s Koshikaa offers proactive health management and accurate cancer screenings.

Our Services

* Online Medical Consultation
* Blood / Urine / Stool Test
* Ultrasound
* Mammography
* Home Sample Collection
* X-Ray / CT Scan
* MRI Scan / PET CT
* Personalized Questionnaire

Contact Us

Phone:+91 9019800764
mail:[email protected]
Web Site:https://www.koshikaa.com/

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