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  • December 26, 2023 10:23 am


Koshikaa’s Mammography Service in Bangalore combines excellence with compassion. The facilities and caring team at our facility ensure that you have a seamless experience which focuses on your breast health. Our advanced technology and personalized attention enable Koshikaa to provide you with accurate and timely mammograms. Our goal is to ensure that every visit is a step in the direction of preventive care for you. Koshikaa offers comprehensive mammography services in Bangalore, combining precision comfort and a commitment to your overall health. The first step towards achieving peace of mind is to contact us.

Our Services

* Online Medical Consultation
* Blood / Urine / Stool Test
* Ultrasound
* Mammography
* Home Sample Collection
* X-Ray / CT Scan
* MRI Scan / PET CT
* Personalized Questionnaire

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Phone:+91 9019800764
mail:[email protected]
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