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  • February 17, 2024 2:33 pm


1stepGrow Academy presents its flagship data science and ai course As the demand for data scientists surges, this online data science course ensures you’re ahead of the curve.

Commence with UNIT 1, laying a solid foundation in advanced data science and AI. Build and manage your codebase effectively with insights from UNIT 2. Progress through the course mastering Python (a staple for any budding data scientist) in UNIT 3 and delve deep into the mechanics of Statistics & Machine Learning in UNIT 4.

With the landscape of data being vast, dive into specialized areas with UNITS 5 & 6, exploring Time-Series Data Analysis, NLP, and the fascinating world of Reinforcement & Deep Learning. UNITS 7, 8 & 9 enhance practical skills, from database management to visual analytics and handling big data. With UNIT 10, master cloud tools, and polish off with UNIT 11’s dive into project management.

But what truly makes this one of the top data science courses?

Course Highlights:
1. Real-time live professional projects.
2. Master Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence program with real work-experience
3. Crack interviews and work with top data science companies.
4. 100% live training on tools and concepts of data science
5. Microsoft certification ( Globally Recognized Certification)
6. Project certification from AI companies
7. 24+ Real-time industry projects (From 9 different industries)
8. 4+ Industry-aligned capstone projects
7. 3 years subscription to live online training
8. Experts & hiring managers who guide you on interview skills

For more information on data science and ai course visit the 1stepgrow website.

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