Power Quality Audit – Harmonic Analysis

  • December 20, 2023 5:08 pm


Conducting a Power Quality Audit involves a comprehensive examination and assessment of the power supply’s quality. This methodical approach aims to evaluate the overall performance and reliability of the electrical system. Through the analysis, the audit seeks to understand the impact of power disturbances on equipment, services, and processes. The goal is to pinpoint the causes of poor power quality, identify any additional protection requirements, and validate the adequacy of existing protection systems for their intended purpose.

Power quality audits can take place at various stages, such as before or after equipment installation, during system start up or shut down, or as part of routine maintenance activities. For instance, prior to installing new equipment, a power quality audit ensures that voltage sags or outages won’t occur during operation. By pinpointing issues with the electricity supply, a Power Quality Audit assists in correcting them, ensuring that the power meets the specific needs of the business. This proactive audit not only helps in maintaining the quality of the power supply but also keeps it optimized for operational efficiency

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