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  • February 16, 2021 10:07 am


“Car is a reflection of his owners”

We provide quality based Car washing service in Delhi. We provide two types of Car washing service in Delhi, Foam wash and Steam wash as per customer requirements and according to their needs, you will get that type of service at your doorstep in a minimal amount of water, which you get in Studio.
You don’t have an idea how much dirt inside your Car,Have you ever Noticed how much dust gathers inside your car? And have you ever think how many germs there are inside your car too? Everything inside your car, from the steering wheel and the seats to the air vents and carpets, is covered with millions of micro-organisms that can affect your health. A cleaner interior means a healthier you, which is why it’s so important to have your car cleaned inside and out.
Exterior body of your car face so many issue when we take out like bird dropping, minor scratches, tree sap, UV rays, these oxidise your paint, fading and peeling will start ,it will decrease the lifetime of your Car’s Paint

We Provide Professionalism car wash service as a result your car will look Gorgeoous you will get good output.
We provide Basic washing to Detailing of car with 10-20% discount on package depend upon which type of Car do you have like Silver, Gold and Platinum.

There is a basic washing (Vaccum cleaning, Diggi Vaccum) from interior and exterior wash it’s your choice foam wash or Steam wash.

There is a basic washing from interior to exterior it’s your choice foam wash or Steam wash. And in this package we focus on Interior In Interior there will be Deep dry cleaning(Seat,seat-belt,roof,bottom ,footmat,AC vent,doorbit dry clean), Polishable part will be polished.

In this package Silver will be included ,Gold will be included, Extra is Compound Rubbing to remove the minor scratches, waxing to increase the life time of paint, Polishing will give good finishing and Showroom look to Car.

You can make booking through online, by calling on given number,by Whatsapp.
You can reach us throw as follows:

Call us at given Number:
088-5140-12-12 Customer Support

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