Shree Balaji Packtech Pvt. LTD Strapping Head

  • December 19, 2023 1:08 pm


TP-733-SH, TP-601YPT-SH and TP-601D-SH are the strapping heads to fulfill different requirements for tension, strap types, strap widths, etc. They are all ideal for pallet strapping machines.

TP-601D-SH Light Duty Strapping Head
Designed for PP strapping, TP-601D-SH is the strapping head ideal for light duty pallet strapping machines.

TP-601D-SH Light Duty Strapping Head
ARES TP-733-SH mixes human-centred designs with the latest brushless DC motor technology. All the transmission is directly processed through gears or by motors. Having a robust and compact design along with advanced production process, it fulfils the need of higher standard while keeping consistent Transpak quality. It provides maximum quality with less cost.

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