The Unbreakable Ultramax TMT bar

  • November 13, 2023 6:04 pm


Adukia Industries with their nuanced technology and irreplaceable aims are providing you the Ultramax TMT bar which has an outstanding strength with an ability to bypass the loads of the heavy structures like skyscrapers and bridges and is available in FE 550D bars. This company has been in this industry since 1971 and has unturned the horizons of the impossible by developing and researching the depths of the industry. Cherishing the yearn of their customers they have given the Ultramax TMT bar an ultimate flexibility, this feature specially help the bars to impact stress and absorb the outside force in the calamities like earthquake and other natural disasters. The Thermal endurance of the Ultramax TMT bar acts as an enduring knight which curates safety from fire, and high temperatures. Interested in having a piece, then head towards the official website of Adukia Industries. Visit here:


  • Ultramax TMT bar
  • Ultramax TMT

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