TITAN GER 1000 voids, caves, and tombs finder

  • December 17, 2023 2:34 am


A complete 5 search systems station in one device specialized in detection of underground gold, treasures, ancient antiquities, voids, caves, and tombs.
Research System: 5 systems, including imaging and sensor
Objective: Archaeological treasures, gold and gemstones
Underground search Depth: 45 meters
Surface Search Range: 2500 meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in Germany
TITAN GER -1000 multi-systems to look for underground treasure,
contains a complete search station, 5 search systems in one device.
GER DETECT company put all the high-tech in this device to be the first in the market, the technical features of this device are a dream for all prospectors and explorers around the world.
Our experts developed the TITAN GER – 1000 to solve all the big problems which the prospectors are facing with the devices deployed in the market.
Now for the first time, the new technology in this device works with five different search systems, the depth is up to 45 meters underground and 2500 meters front range.
TITAN GER 1000 Detector operates on five different search systems in one device:
Long-range detection system
Ionic fields detection search system
3D imaging detection search system
Magnetometer detection search system
Pulse induction detection search system
Detectors Shop Company in Dubai, authorized agents and wholesale distributors for the Ger Detect Factory and major international factories.
United Arab Emirates – Dubai – Deira, Salah Al Din Street, near Salah Al Din Metro Station, Technical companies Building, 3rd Floor, Company No. 301
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